Index of all Writings

Books for Children and Families

Books for children and families including: fables, Jewish Holidays, biography (Jewish-American Heroes, Frida Kahlo, Tom Seaver) and stories of altruism in the Holocaust (Jacob's Rescue).


Although her Jewish father didn't raise Gloria Steinem as a Jew, she says, "Wherever there is anti-Semitism, I identify as a Jew."

Frida Kahlo

A lesson in survival, a life lived without inhibition, and a courageous spirit.

Sea Monster's Secret

Each night when the young man steps into the skin of a sea monster, he is swept up in amazing adventures.

Jacob's Rescue


A story from the Holocaust about bravery and caring.

A Jewish Holiday AbC

Near the end of Passover seder, Rachel finds the Afikomen hidden.

Grandma's Latkes


How did you learn to make latkes?" Molly asked. She was finally old enough to be picked as Grandma's helper.

Family Treasury

Stories, recipes, songs, and crafts for the holidays.

The Selling of a First Book-You Can Do it, Too

How I came to write the Tom Seaver Story