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Rabbi Malka Drucker's Letter, 5768

July 2007
Dear Ones,

How I've missed you all this year! Every Shabbat service I've attended in Santa Barbara has reminded me of our beloved community, especially during the "Mi Chamocha", when we share joys and concerns with one another. Only in a makom where there is trust among its dwellers do we enjoy such intimacy of spirit. How wonderful is the tent that we have woven!

This has been a year of transition for all of us. It's been an almost indescribable pleasure being with the grandchildren. I offer one story. Five year-old Solomon slept outside alone in a teepee I'd brought from Santa Fe. When I praised him in the morning for his courage, he told me that he wasn't alone. "God was with me," he said. I try to remember that for myself, too.

Although I have not finished the wisdom book on grand parenting, I am coming to a conclusion with the book I'm editing about women and religion, and since it has been a bigger undertaking than I realized, I'm grateful for the sabbatical this year.

Each of us becomes a new being during the Days of Awe that we know better as High Holidays. We as a community are also growing into a new vision as I become rabbi emeritus, and I join you in looking forward to its evolution. I am now back home and will be actively serving HaMakom until the end of the Holiday season concluding with Simhat Torah Celebration October 5th. Give me a call!

Please be sure to make your High Holiday reservations now, assuring that we can share this special time with one another.

In preparation for the sea crossing of our community, I'm going to speak this year about enlightened leadership, the relationship between parents and children, and conscious community. All three are a clarion call to everyone who has benefited by HaMakom or who hopes to benefit by it to come forward and help create the Jewish community that we've all been waiting for.

On Erev Rosh Hashanah, I will offer a meditation on leadership inspired by our teacher, Moses, so reluctant to becoming a leader, so resistant to letting go. On Rosh Hashanah morning, we'll continue the journey by examining the relationship, between parents and children. This is the relationship that informs all others in this world and most importantly, between the Beloved Parent and us. Kol Nidre night we will dream together a vision of what a Jewish community with heart, soul, and everything might look like. In many ways, HaMakom is such a place. Perhaps it can be a "light unto the nations," a model of loving community where we become better people together by "behaving in God."

Mark your calendars for Selichot, September 8, Saturday night at 8:30 at the rabbi's house. We will focus on forgiveness individually and communally. Dessert, havdalah, urgent and important conversation, and a labyrinth walk will precede the heart / mind opening service.

Peace and Blessings,
Rabbi Malka Drucker