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Illustrated by Elizabeth Rosen

 I've just finished writing a book for young people about Jewish American heroes. I can't imagine a better time for such a book. Heroes are in short supply and Jews can use all that they can claim. Children need help in learning the difference between heroism and fame, and between celebrity and greatness.-Malka Drucker

Dutton Children's Books
978-0-525-47771-6 Hardcover
96 pages 8 x 10"

"Succinct yet complete portraits of early life, education, ambitions and most notable accomplishments are laced with evidence of Judaism's influence in shaping professional and personal lives." -Kirkus Review

Booklist Online - Top 10 Religion Books for Youth: 2008.
2009 New Mexico Book Awards - Winner, Juvenile Book (grade school to junior high school)

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Chaim Solomon
Levi Strauss
Emma Lazarus
Louis Brandeis
Ray Frank
Henrietta Szold
Lillian Wald
Harry Houdini
Albert Einstein
Golda Meir
Abraham Joshua Heschel
Hank Greenberg
Leonard Bernstein
Bella Abzug
Gloria Steinem
Ruth Bader Ginzburg
Andrew Goodman
Michael Schwerner
Steven Spielberg
Judith Resnik
Daniel Pearl