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Talks and articles include September 11, altruism, righteous gentiles, education, being an author and matzo ball soup.

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Spiritual Women The question is always with me whether women, because of their gender, are making a difference when they actively enter religious life. If so, are they destroying tradition, or are they breathing new life through new vision?

What Do We Owe the Righteous Gentiles Whether anything is "owed" to the rescuers is a difficult question. Indeed, are they owed anything, or is the good deed itself the reward? If something is owed, who owes it?

Rescuers Speech When a writer finishes a book, the work is over. We might get a few letters, but we soon move to another project. Not so with RESCUERS. Whether we spoke at a museum, college, high school, church, or synagogue, passionate responses told us that just as the rescuers had awakened us, so our work had awakened others. Emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, the rescuers deeds are without measure.

A Commencement Speech About Altruism "Some of you may think you have troubled children. We don't see it that way. We see them as children with a deeper question. They are looking for a higher purpose, an altruistic meaning to their lives."

Following Odysseus "Your son ran away this morning. We'll do everything we can to pick him up, but if he doesn't want to stay here, we can't keep him."

The Secret Matzo Balls Never mind matzah as the food of the poor slaves who raced out of Egypt without time to let the bread rise. For us matzah balls came to represent my mother's power to turn humble food into something light enough to ascend to heaven.

The Selling of a First Book-You Can Do it, Too An accidental meeting became my first book.

September 11, 2001, and After Hope in God, be strong and let your heart take courage, hope in God. I've read this so many times, and now, since the attack on America, I understand it as never before.

Dear New Mexican: I'm writing to the many people who have been writing letters to the editor condemning Israel's position in the shocking and disappointing war. So many of us, both Palestinian and Israeli, until 18 months ago, thought that peace was coming.

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