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Solomon Ace and the Coming of the Messiah On January 27, 2002, on the 14th day of the Jewish month of Shevat, five thousand seven hundred and sixty-two years after the world's creation, my grandson, Solomon Ace Drucker, was born. Already I owe him a debt of gratitude.

Requiem for Harriet As always these days, I'm in the casita trying to make a deadline, but today is different. Ozzie and Harriet and keeping me company.

Tehilat L'Malka After I gave birth my body, empty and resting, sat as You did, my Creator, on the celestial throne the seventh day.

Bonsai Last summer in Los Angeles I was feeling so lonely that I went out to buy a plant to keep me company.

Cherry Tomato Ivan touched the hard green ball on his tomato plant. "When it turns red it's ready to eat," his mother told him. But it seemed to stay green forever.

The Eleventh Commandment Thou shalt bring forth the feminine in the the world in all that you do.

Imotenu Avenu Malkenu, forgive us for forgetting our mothers.

Recipe for Minestrone Soup Serves about 12. Enjoy!

Tiger Lily When I bought mountain cabin the old woman told me to look for tiger lilies in the summer

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