2004 Letter about the Roslan’s from Jacob’s Brother

“Books for children can be sad, even tragic, but they must offer hope.”-Malka Drucker

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Alex and Mela Roslan

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The Letter

Beth Rosenblat
6th Grade Language Arts/Reading
Kanapaha Middle School
Gainesville, Florida

Dr. Gilat
I wrote you about the same time last year after my class read Jacob’s Rescue. I just wanted to share with you that another generation of 12 year olds have been exposed to your story and were equally enthralled, fascinated and touched.
I hope time has been gentle to you, Jacob, Alex and Mariska since the last time I wrote…….

Prof. David Gilat
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel Aviv University

Dear Ms. Rosenblat,
It is encouraging to know that you keep using Jacob’s Rescue as part of the reading material in your classes.
I also received a very warm, nicely written letter from one of your students to whom I shall write separately

You may be interested in… MELA, a play for a single actress, recently composed by Michael Halperin (co-author, with Malka Drucker, of Jacob’s Rescue) as a tribute to Amelia (Mela) Roslan who shared the burden of giving shelter to Jacob and me with her husband Alex(ander). Perhaps this is a good opportunity to introduce your students to a play as a literary form other than a novel.
Mela died in 1996 at the age of 87. Alex, on the other hand, after over 55 years in the United States, at the advanced age of 95, has recently moved to Poland. I visited him last month in his native country-side village near the city of Bialystok, where he stays in the home of his niece who is taking excellent care of him.
Best wishes,
David Gilat

Thanks so much for copying me this letter. Hard to believe that Alex is in Poland! He remains his independent energetic, and unpredictable self.
Please drishat shalom to Jacob and his family. It was wonderful seeing you last winter.

Malka Drucker