Children’s words and drawings about Jacob’s Rescue Page 2

“My impression of the story is a terrific way of telling people how awful it is judging people by what they do,their religion, their skin color, their way of speaking, and much more. The story made me feel sad, happy, and enthusiastic.”
-Fifth Grade Student


The North Plainfield School District provides an extensive Gifted and Talented Enrichment Program called KINDLE. The KINDLE Program includes enrichment activities for all the elementary students in North Plainfield. As the KINDLE teacher at Stony Brook School, I became aware of the fact that Mrs. Watkins was including Jacob’s Rescue in her class studies. The book was so moving and touched so many of the students that I thought you might be interested in their reactions….Mrs. Watkins assigned the students to illustrate the images from the book and to write their ideas. The KINDLE Kids group evaluated the illustrations, organized them and assembled them into (a) book you now hold in their hands. We here in North Plainfield thank you for your insightful work and hope that this book serves as a reminder to you of how much Jacob’s Rescue has meant to us.

Loretta Kumpf, Kindle Teacher

This is when Aunt Hannah holds Jacob and cries. Jacob feels her tears. It’s when they are in the Ghetto.-Student comment

More art and thoughts from the class