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I receive lots of email in response to the Weekly Reader as well as other writings posted on the web. I would like to include my congregants and others in these conversations. This part of the site includes your comments and sometimes my response to the email. I will not include your name,etc. and also will try to respond via the internet, rather than individually. These emails are part of our community and they are important.
Feel free to email me and participate in these discussions.

Question for the Holidays-“wouldn’t it make more sense to atone one’s missing the mark, and clear the slate BEFORE, the New Year?”

Yom Kippur “To have the Rabbi going thru life’s processes at the same time is such a blessing-losing parents, not being filled with regret, wondering what one’s authentic voice and contribution are after 60.”

Faith–I hope that you will be willing to take the time to write to me and share with me what faith in God means to you as a Non-denominational Jew and how faith plays out in your daily life or in the life of your community?

A letter from Brazil about converting to Judaism

A great deal of response to the reader about Gibson’s The Passion

Heschel and the Prophets and the politics of the contemporary world

Va-y’chi and naming children

Congregants write about the High Holiday Services at HaMakom

A congregant’s question regarding forgiveness and the High Holidays

Read a remarkable letter written in response to the fate of Marisa Mathy-Zvlaifler whose death saddens us all.

On Passover four is the magic number: four cups of wine, four questions, four children, and God’s four promises to free us from slavery. Here are four things to learn from the seder:

Intermarriage I am often asked to officiate at intermarriage weddings.

Tazria, the portion that no parent wants for their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. It’s actually one of my favorites.