High Holidays 5767

Rabbi Malka Drucker

4 June 2006

Dear Friends,

The High Holidays is the season of introspection, and each of us has a private inventory for self examination and judgment. For many years we have explored the personal journey as a community. This year I’m inviting you to think not only within but as a member of an ancient civilization that, despite all odds, still exists. I trust that we have much to learn and teach among the nations.

To celebrate the year 5767, I’ll be speaking about Judaism in the global village of the 21st Century and how to walk the path of our collective Jewish heart. On Erev Rosh Hashanah we’ll look at the Path of Active Compassion: Darfur, Immigration, and Other Places for Empathy. Rosh Hashanah morning will be our exploration of the Path of Courage and Faith: Antisemitism Old and New. On Kol Nidre I’ll talk about the Path of Inclusion: Welcoming the Stranger and Who is a Jew. Later this summer I’ll suggest web sites and books that you may wish to examine in preparation for seeing Judaism as a global vision. I hope you’ll join us for this itinerary.

If you’re attending High Holidays, please join us for Selichot , an Evening of Forgiveness. We’ll begin with dinner at an Asian restaurant, to be followed by dessert, Havdalah, a study and discussion about how and whom to forgive, a labyrinth walk, and service.

Peace and Blessings,
Rabbi Malka Drucker