Rescuers – Jacobs Rescue

Our heroes are not rugged, broad shouldered types, nor do they emanate other worldly serenity and museum. They look like us, like ordinary people. Nothing external marks those who continue to give us reason to hope for the redemption of the world.

It’s taken a long time to learn about these people. Why now? Perhaps our time demands that we know not only the worst but the best a human being can do. The rescuers tell us that kindness, compassion, and courage exist in all of us, and we want our children to know this. The world is fragile and its resources finite; human technology has made life easier but more dangerous. We have profoundly important decisions to make that will affect the world we leave to our children.

When Europe was a torture chamber and almost everyone cried: “But what an I do?” a few people answered. History gives no promises but the rescuers offer us hope, revealing that goodness is, indeed, part of the human spirit.


Jacob’s Rescue
“Once Jacob Gutgeld lived with his family in a beautiful house in Warsaw, Poland. He went to school and played hide-and-seek in the woods with his friends. But everything changed the day the Nazi soldiers invaded in 1939. Suddenly it wasn’t safe to Jewish anymore.”