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Malka Drucker is the author of more than 20 books for adults and children.

She is the founding Rabbi of HaMakom in Santa Fe, NM.

Rabbi Malka is involved with the Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center (NNMRAC) and the Education and Community Programs of the Santa Fe Opera who will present excerpts from the one-act children's opera, "Shoes for the Santo Niño" at 6:30pm, Thursday, April 26 in the Mision on the Plaza de Española, NM. For details, download the flyer.

Commentary-(from congregants and others) "I hope that you will be willing to take the time to write to me and share with me what faith in God means to you..."

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Bill Treiber, Malka's father, June 29, 2011 His Memory is a Blessing I'm OK and even grateful I had him for so long.


Erev Rosh Hashanah: WHAT DO YOU LONG FOR?

Rosh HaShanah Morning: THE ALCHEMY OF PRAYER


UPCOMING PRESENTATIONS, Rabbi Malka Drucker and Rick Light Present FROM AGEING TO SAGEING, A HaMakom Salon Series, Thursday, January 14 from 6:45-8:45 PM, $20/ salon session, HaMakom Members: $18/session

Facing aging, dying, and accelerating losses isn’t for sissies. It’s not elective, either. Women gathered a generation ago to birth a movement that changed the place of women in society. It is now our time: we who have lived long enough and know the preciousness of life. Let’s come together and explore how to embrace our wisdom, live without fear, and be a blessing to the world. We’ll meet monthly from 6:45-8:45 PM, the first Thursday of each month at UUC. We plan to screen films, discuss books, and tell the truth to one another, as we share the enjoyment of being with others on this journey.
A note from the Rabbi Malka Drucker: ‘Last month I met a dynamic and warm radio host from Dallas, Alise Cortez. She interviewed me for her show, intrigued by my second career as rabbi after being a writer, and I spoke a lot about the exciting Sageing work that comforts, strengthens, and guides me. Here’s the link

Malka Drucker is a participant in the Legacy of Wisdom, a non-profit project from LivingTao to help redefine the role of elders in society.Legacy of Wisdom Project
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Rabbi Malka Drucker is a contributor in Covenant of the Generations, Women of Reform Judaism's new book in the Covenant series. The piece is called "Growing a Grandmother's Heart." She is also a contributor to the Jewish Book Award winner, Women's Torah Commentary published by WRJ.

2009 New Mexico Book Awards Winner

Women and Judaism
Finalist, Religious Book

2009 New Mexico Book Awards Winner

Portraits of Jewish-American Heroes
Winner, Juvenile Book AND Finalist, Religious Book

Women and Judaism
Edited by Malka Drucker
Hardcover: 300 pages
Publisher: Praeger (April 30, 2009)
Available through
barnes and noble

"Women and Judaism," the editor writes, "carries an intention to do more than bring the reader new ideas to ponder. For Jewish women, it's a charge to claim and re-claim their rightful place in their tradition. For non-Jewish sisters, we hope that it encourages you to bring change in your traditions as you learn of our effort to be counted as full members of an ancient spiritual community."

by Malka Drucker, Illustrated by Elizabeth Rosen
Portraits of Jewish-American Heroes listed as one of the
Top Ten Religion Books for Youth: 2008 - Booklist Online
Available at your local bookstore or online at:
Barnes and Noble

Reviews and a note from the author

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Author and Rabbi Malka Drucker feels there are lessons to learn from studying heroes of any culture or ethnic group. Jim Terr talked to Drucker about her latest work.- Jim Terr is a song satirist and video producer in Santa Fe.
Hear the radio interview aired on KUNM radio, Sept. 4, 2008 (MP3 audio)

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