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I began my writing life as a children’s book author in 1976 with Tom Seaver: Portrait of a Pitcher and The George Foster Story. My passions veered from baseball to Jewish holidays, a grave disappointment to my sons. After 20 years of writing books for young people, I took the plunge and went to the Academy for Jewish Religion and was ordained in 1998. Although I’d gotten a B.A. from UCLA and a teaching credential from USC, my seminary days were my happiest academic experience.
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Rabbi Malka Drucker is a contributor in Covenant of the Generations, Women of Reform Judaism’s new book in the Covenant series. The piece is called “Growing a Grandmother’s Heart.” She is also a contributor to the Jewish Book Award winner, Women’s Torah Commentary published by WRJ.

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Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver: Portrait of a Pitcher 

The Selling of a First Book-You Can Do it, Too – How I came to write the Tom Seaver Story

Here is an inside view of one of the greatest pitching careers in the history of baseball and the remarkable character of the person behind it.

From his boyhood to the present, Seaver’s story is one of intense perseverance, concentration, and sheer will.

First published 1978

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"Legacy of Wisdom"

from Living Tao is a non-profit project to help redefine the role of elders in society…. This short film is a glimpse of answers from 7 of the people we have interviewed to date. For further information on this project contact Jay Goldfarb ( or Tom Valente ( Your support and interest is appreciated.” video courtesy of Living Tao

Featuring interviews with Ram Dass, Reb Zalman, Rabbi Malka Drucker, Roshi Joan Halifax, Bob Atchley, Mary Catherine Bateson, Al Kaszniak.

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