A congregant’s question

A congregant’s question regarding forgiveness and the High Holidays

“Malka, hi, know this is an incredibly busy week for you. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your services. And so did my friend. He says that he always learns from you. And he always feels welcomed by you.
I have a question. I want to go into this New Year able to forgive. And with this one certain person, I cannot seem to find it in me to truly forgive. I just can’t seem to do it. Got any suggestions?”

Rabbi Drucker’s response:
Thanks for your kind words. As for forgiveness, join the club! It’s one thing if someone asks for our forgiveness, another when we’ve decided that the anger and resentment within is doing us harm. All I know is that God is always waiting for us to turn the corner, and if God is at the corner full of angry memory, it’s unlikely that we’re going to want a meeting. So, if we can forgive, to the extent possible, we help our own well-being and we give room to the other for teshuvah. I’ll bring a few Selichot booklets on Yom Kippur that you may find helpful.
-Rabbi Drucker