Grandma’s Latkes

Grandma’s Latkes
Illustrated by Eve Chwast

“I tried this book out on some children in the 4-to-8 range for which it is intended and they loved it. The book even inspired us to, move to the kitchen.
“Grandma’s Latkes is a faithful rendering of the ancient story of the Jewish rebellion against armies of the Syrian king Antiochus….What makes Ms. Drucker’s account so charming is how the story gets told.
Eve Chwast’s watercolored woodcuts of both the kitchen scenes and the scenes from antiquity are in soft, muted colors that give the whole book a war, dreamlike quality.”
-Ari L. Goldman, New York Times religion reporter.

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“How did you learn to make latkes?” Molly asked. She rested her tired arms but didn’t complain. She was finally old enough to be picked as Grandma’s helper.

Voyager Books
Hartcourt Brace & Company
ISBN 0-15-201388-1