Avenu Malkenu, we have sinned by forgetting our mothers. We remember Abraham taking Isaac from you, your child of delight and laughter, but we don’t remember your heart breaking as the father bound the son. We only know that you died soon after.

Avenu Malkenu, forgive us for forgetting our mothers.

Help us to remember Rebecca comforted Isaac for the death of his mother.

Avenu Malkenu, deal with us gently when we blame our mothers. Remind us that Eve took us to a new land, Miriam gave us water in the desert, and Zipporah circumcised her son to save the people.

Avenu Malkenu, provide us, as we seek you, with Hannah’s passion when she begged you for a child. Give us, as we seek you, Rebecca’s clarity when she forged Israel’s destiny.

Avenu Malkenu, accept our prayer as Leah accepted Jacob’s abandonment and Rachel accepted her sister’s abundance.

Avenu Malkenu, open our hearts to our daughters and let us see them as the hope of the world.

Avenu Malkenu, inscribe all our mothers and daughters, remembered and forgotten in the book of life and memory.

Shehinan, Imotenu

Listen Israel. I have a question for you. Why do you always talk to him, the immutable, transcendent, distant one? Why don’t you talk to me, the Shehinah? I live here with you, I ache and rejoice with you. I am the part of the holy that is promise and possibility. He is the earthquake, the sunset, the illness. I offer hope, he is “isness.”

Shehinah, Imotenu, forgive us for withholding milk from the hungry, for abandoning our children, for forgetting our matriarchs.

Listen, Israel. Turn to me, your compassionate one. He made the world, I give you strength to repair it. He gives life, I give love. He and I are one. Bring us together within yourself.

Shehinah, Imotenu, shelter us in your heart and let your light shine upon us.