Tehilat L’Malka

World’s Womb and Shelter

From time to time

You have let me glimpse you.
After I gave birth my body, empty and resting, sat as You did, my Creator, on the celestial throne the seventh day.

And when I nursed my sons my breasts became like Aaron and Moses, giving Your milky words to your beloved children.

The dark days have come and I am ice to the bone, rocking with grief. Suddenly Your hand, small and silky like my mother’s, finds mine and breaks the fall, joining my shattered heart.

Sweet Shehinah, you make the world worth bearing.

I cannot touch what I live for, no sound comes from me that says You. Yet from time to time I hear you weep, I hear you laugh.

You caress me with the fragrant dawn, dewy on my skin, and you awaken me to love. I drink from your stream of delights, sing my song to You, and long to live with You forever.